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Here come the girls….

Women began policing the railways during the First World War, when many of the male railway police officers were called up to serve on the frontline. Whilst female police officers carried out similar duties to men, they also found themselves... Continue Reading →


The murder of Detective Thomas Hibbs

The year is 1901. The country is in mourning after the death of Queen Victoria, Theodore Roosevelt is President of the United States and the British Empire rules much of the globe. On a warm August evening, one young PC... Continue Reading →

BTP officer killed during Baedeker Blitz in York commemorated 75 years on

75 years ago on 29 April 1942, Hitler ordered a bombing raid by the German Luftwaffe which targeted York and the city’s railway station. The raid, which became known as the Baedeker Blitz, cost the lives of 100 people in... Continue Reading →

Terrorism – then and now   The threat of terrorism is never far from our minds as we see tragic events unfold at home and around the world. The railway network and the London Underground have been a particular focus of counter-terrorism activity, especially... Continue Reading →

Theft – then and now

You’ve got to pick a pocket or two! Sadly, it’s not just Fagin who steal things that don’t belong to him. Thieves have been operating on the rail network for hundreds of years and theft remains one of the most... Continue Reading →

Archives uncover murder of officer stabbed at Wigan station 122 years ago

It was a warm September night in 1895 when Detective Sergeant Robert Kidd of the London and North Western Railway Police, a father of seven children all under the age of 12, attended Wigan station following a recent spate of... Continue Reading →

Killed in the line of duty – Carlisle PC murdered attempting to apprehend a notorious gang

On 27 October 1885 four notorious criminals burgled Netherby Hall, a large stately home a few miles from Carlisle and stole valuable jewellery. The men; Anthony Benjamin Rudge, John Martin, James Baker and William Baker, were members of a successful... Continue Reading →

Police Dogs – then and now

It’s fair to say that police dogs have come a long way since 1888. With Jack the Ripper stalking the East End of London, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Charles Warren decided to test out two bloodhounds, hoping they could help catch... Continue Reading →

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